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Angela Sanders

Encouraging believers. Equipping the Church.

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My name is Angela Sanders. I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I believe He died on the cross in obedience to my Heavenly Father for His glory and rose from the dead three days later so I could find salvation from sin and eternal life by grace through faith in Him. I responded to this Gospel by repenting of my sin and surrendering control of my life to Jesus when I was six with the help of my parents, and the Holy Spirit changed me into something brand new. I was baptized shortly thereafter to illustrate this regeneration to the world. When I was ten, the same Holy Spirit Who wooed me to repentance me also called me to ministry.

It has been and continues to be my joy and profound privilege to combine my God-given communication skills with my spiritual gifts to serve Him in whatever capacity He orchestrates. 

My husband Todd and I have been enthusiastic partners in life and ministry for almost thirty years. He is my rock and very best friend. Our adult children--Hope, Hunter, and Hunter's wife Mackenzie--have always been and continue to be a constant source of support, encouragement, and inspiration. Time with them is a gift.

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What I do

A Christian writer/editor and speaker/trainer, I believe God has called me to communicate the truth found in His Word, the Bible, in a simple, accessible way and help others do the same for the advancement of His Kingdom and ultimate glory.

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Whether I'm working to communicate my own thoughts and ideas or helping others communicate theirs, nothing brings me more joy than using my writing skills to help people understand the Bible, apply it to their own lives, and respond to God in obedience.

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Speaker/Trainer/Ministry Coach

I consider it a profound privilege to communicate from the stage as well as the page and believe God has called me to both. Evangelism and practical application are my strengths, but I treasure every opportunity to share what God has accomplished through Jesus, my Savior and Lord, and encourage others to embrace the same freedom and purpose I've found by grace through faith in Him. 

I also enjoy passing along what I've learned during 25+ years in ministry via traditional training opportunities and professional coaching. I currently serve as a ministry coach for women serving in vocational ministry and ministers' wives in conjunction with Tall Oaks Coaching in Edmond, Oklahoma. 

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100 Days: The Glory Experiment

A simple, accessible Bible study for individuals, pairs, and small groups, 100 Days encourages and facilitates viral discipleship by challenging people to live 100 days for God's glory alone. Want to make a difference in your part of the world? This book could be the catalyst you're looking for. Order your copy today!

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Understanding and Loving Ministers' Kids: a PK Mom's plea

The Baptist Messenger

“Can anyone name one of the twelve apostles?” Ebbing at the altar steps, tiny bodies form a choppy sea that ripples in all directions, a spotlight their temporary sun.   
I scan the throng for my child’s face and find it, front and center.  Eager, her chin is tilted toward the man giving the children’s sermon, a trusted friend...

Four Simple Steps to Getting a "Yes" from God

The Baptist Messenger

“In Jesus’ name, Amen.” When I was little, this was a decorative phrase, a finishing touch that made me feel like one of the grownups who prayed out loud in church. Speaking it, I felt big and half-wished we were Catholic so I could cross myself...

Counting to Ten: Why I won't say what I really want to say right now

The Baptist Messenger

I’m angry! Not miffed. Not peeved. Not ticked, but downright, foot-stomping, teeth-grinding mad! We’re talking prickly-heat-crawling-up-my-neck, feel-my-pulse-in-my-temples...

Making Friends with the Minister's Wife

The Baptist Messenger

There are many ways to make Mr. Minister feel appreciated during this Minister Appreciation Month, but if you really want to touch his heart, befriend his missus...

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