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The Shadow

I’m not a big fan of horror or suspense movies.  Give me an interesting, thought-provoking plotline, but leave the cold chills out of it, please!

The worst are movies with impending doom scenes.  The looming menace approaches, casting a shadow over the land as unsuspecting commoners go about their daily routines, conducting business and losing themselves in play. One by one, they are overtaken.

Some look up in time, mind you.  Panicked, they scream and scatter.  The brave ones–there are never many–alert the disoriented and drag the bewildered, scrambling to keep their footing all the while, but, still and always, some are lost.  Men, women, and children, too busy socializing and building sandcastles to question the early sunset, they look up only when the sky turns black and it’s too late to move, much less rescue anyone else.

Ugh.  I can’t stand it!

Sometimes, when I’m feeling stressed and overwhelmed, I close my eyes and let my childhood play like a movie reel in my mind.  Bike rides, church camp, summer vacation, family mealtimes, whispered prayers, and giggling with my sister, those memories make me smile.  They steady my pulse, if only for a moment, not because they themselves are so unique–I still enjoy all of these things in one form or another–but because they are cushioned in an atmosphere that I am powerless to recreate for myself in the present day.

You see, I grew up in a day of relative calm, with its own tensions and problems, yes–I am well aware that my Bible-belt, middle-class, white-girl upbringing sheltered me from much, by the way–but without the same kind of churning, changing undercurrent of spiritual tension that exists today.

Conversations about remodeling our house, vacations, retirement, etc. seem sort of silly in light of the conversations that most of us are not having with people who need to hear it, real talk about sin, redemption, and what happens after a person dies, soul-saving chats about an after-life that may come sooner than any of us think.  All around us, people are headed toward eternal separation from God in Hell, and we are busy building sandcastles.

There’s work to be done.

If you know Jesus, tell others about Him.  Show them the Way of salvation and help them get there.  Hurry!  Now’s the time!

If you don’t know Jesus yet, seek Him.  Surrender to His Lordship, accept His forgiveness, and become an adopted child of God.  There’s no time to waste!

You can ignore my words if you want.  I know this isn’t a cheery post by any stretch.

Just don’t be the last to look up!!

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