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Outside our Falls Creek apartment window, I hear voices, the sing-song enthusiasm of students and sponsors on their way to the Tabernacle.  Somewhere deep inside, my spirit stirs and my skin begins to tingle.


The irresistible urge to pray overtakes me.  I know what’s at stake.  I know what God can do when hearts and minds are focused and open.  I bow my head.

As I pray that God would draw the lost to Himself, challenge believers anew, and call young men and women into His service, an image comes to mind such as you might see in a superhero movie or a cinematic representation of the parting of the Red Sea, a rushing of energy or water to a center point where it converges, changes course, and rushes with combined force and focus in a new direction.

For so many of us, Falls Creek has been that center point, that point of convergence with the Holy Spirit after which life becomes an adventure. I don’t know why God blesses these grounds with His presence like He does.  I don’t know why He’s chosen this place to stir hearts so tangibly that you can almost trace His index finger, but He has.

Maybe it’s because, while they are here, people put aside worldly distractions and look expectantly toward Heaven, waiting for, asking for a word, a fresh touch from Him.

What if we did that at home on a daily basis?

Tonight, I’m praying that God would move at Falls Creek—I have a feeling He will with or without my prayers, but I want to be a part of it—and I’m praying He will move in your heart as well.

Won’t you join me?

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