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Leadership is as Leadership Does

One of my favorite things about spending the summer at Falls Creek is having the chance to spend time with the staff, the bands that come in to lead worship in the tabernacle, and the camp preachers.  I love that Hunter and Hope have the opportunity to sit, all summer long, in the company of people who are actively serving the Lord.

This is the second week in a row that evangelist Ed Newton ( will be preaching, and I am grateful for his willingness to bring his wife and four children across several states to share the Truth of God’s Word with the youth of Oklahoma.  He is a solid expository preacher that lets Scripture speak for itself. No gimmicks, no trying too hard to be cool so kids will listen.  What’s more, he is genuine.  What you see is what you get.  He doesn’t just talk about letting God live through him; he lives it. It’s this specific attribute that stood out to Hunter last week as we spent time with Ed and his family.  (To watch Falls Creek services on live stream, follow this link around 7:15 each weekday evening…you won’t be sorry!

A few hours ago, I had the chance to thank Ed for the example he has been setting for my son.  I told him that it was what Hunter had seen off stage that made an impact, Ed’s willingness to spend time with everyone without showing favoritism, his unassuming nature (the man wears clothes from the Good Will because they are “good enough for him”), and the way he loves others with his time and attention.  Ed thanked me for the compliment.

“I learned something about leadership a while back,” he said.  “Leadership is not just about how well you fulfill your responsibilities, but how you handle the privileges that come with it.” 

Good word.    

I was thinking about those words as I walked back to our apartment.  I wanted to write them down before I forgot.  On the way, I saw Miss Jean picking up trash from the street and lawn in front of the Tabernacle.  No one else was around.  She wasn’t doing it to make a point or show off.  She was doing it because it needed to be done and she was still able to do it. 

There isn’t a staffer on grounds that wouldn’t give a kidney for Miss Jean.  If she’d asked someone else to do the job, they would have, just to please her, but she didn’t.  Bending slowly and carefully so as not to take a tumble and have to leave Falls Creek early for a hip replacement, this precious lady, who is old enough to be my grandmother, stooped down and picked up straws, cups, and water bottle lids as if it were her privilege to do so. 

I don’t know which I will remember longer, Ed’s words or Miss Jean’s example. 

Lord, you alone are good. You alone deserve honor and praise.  May we be faithful stewards of the privileges and blessings you afford us.  Be glorified in our lives as we serve you with humility.

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