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This Big Small Moment

After ten fun, but frenetic weeks, camp is over, and I’m stuck in that weird limbo between being ready for the rhythm of normal life and being super homesick for camp family already.

A dear friend asked me on Saturday what the biggest moment of the summer was, a time when I saw God’s glory on display.  I thought about that for a long time and realized there really wasn’t one.  I had expected there to be, but there wasn’t.

Instead, what I experienced was a gradual realization that God glorifies Himself day in and day out in the same ways regardless of our thoughts and actions.  When we choose to cooperate with Him through obedience to the Holy Spirit even in what we consider to be the smallest, most mundane things—for me, the struggle to surrender this summer lay in matters of humility, contentment, patience, and showing hospitality—we get to see God’s glory and are blessed through participation in our faith (Philemon 1:6). 

Those “big” moments we crave?  The ones we feel deep?  The ones that bring us to tears when they happen?  The truth is those are really only big to us and do more for us than they do for God. 

Listen, God is so much bigger than our human brains have the capacity to comprehend, and He is constantly at work here and in the heavens doing things we don’t even know about, things beyond our ability even to observe, much less fully appreciate. 

We sometimes act like we have the power to impress God (how can He be impressed by what He created?), to coax Him out, to free Him from anonymity, or to elevate His standing in some way and that we’ve succeeded if and when we are deeply moved.

That’s just not true.

GOD IS GOD, and He is ALWAYS getting the glory He deserves.  He is the one Who makes sure of that (Ephesians 1:11), not us, but when we join our hearts, minds, voices, efforts, etc. with the worship already and constantly taking place in Heaven and on earth through obedience, we are given the profound privilege of experiencing God Himself, Who inhabits praise (Psalm 22:3). 

If we feel something, that’s God’s grace to us, not the other way around. 

If we only experience God sometimes, it’s because we only give Him our all sometimes, and that’s on us (James 4:8).

Those “big” moments?  They’re hiding in small ones. 

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