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You Know What They Say

Someone just said to me, “You know what they say about all work and no play…” Actually, no, I don’t know what they say.  I’ve heard that phrase my whole life, but I have never actually heard the rest of the adage.  People just assume I know the rest when I don’t.   I wonder if they know it or if they are just pretending to know because it sounds like everyone else knows.  Now, I can assume from the context of the conversation I just had that all work and no play is a bad thing, but why? Does it make you grumpy? Bored? Unhealthy?

There are some people who would probably say that all work and no play makes you more productive than the next person, that it is a good thing. Now, I personally think that perspective is a little off, but who am I to say? I don’t know how the adage really goes.  No one has ever told me, and no one has ever shown me exactly what it has to do with me.  So, I guess I will just assume that I know what I am talking about, use the phrase like everyone else does so that I can fit in, and leave others to form their equally valid opinions about this particular partial nugget of wisdom, since there seems to be no absolute right or wrong way to say it.

Growing tired of my Seinfeldesque monologue? Me too.  Here is why I even mention it.  I think that many of us, without meaning to, handle the Word of God the same way.  We act as if everyone knows what is in it–especially those of us living in the Bible belt–and understands what it has to do with them.  We  throw out scripture references in conversation without explanation and quote bits of scripture out of context as it serves our purposes, which is sometimes just to sound spiritual. 

The problem with handling scripture this way  is that God’s Word is absolute Truth.   It is the standard by which right and wrong is discerned, and it is very, very powerful.  God Himself calls it a two edged sword, and, like any other sharp object, it must be handled carefully.  Those who wield it like a child running with scissors can and probably will do more damage than good.  

It is so important that we, as believers, become knowledgable about scripture so that we can speak Truth responsibly and intentionally into the lives of others, leading them to salvation and/or a deeper, more meaningful relationship with Christ.  If we don’t, they will make false assumptions, spread half-truth (which is falsehood), and become complacent about standing up for what is right because they honestly don’t know right from wrong.  We all have to do our part, so that one day, when future generations are told, “You know what the Good Book says…,” they will be able to respond with a resounding “Yes!”

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